What the Ideoclick Marketing Dashboard Reveals about Campaign Performance

What the Ideoclick Marketing Dashboard Reveals about Campaign Performance

Ideoclick is a proven leader in search marketing on Amazon, driving programmatic success for our 200+ clients. With deep, first-hand Amazon search expertise, we continue to innovate on our automation tools that power Sponsored Ads marketing, specifically to drive relevancy in organic and paid search rankings. The Ideoclick Marketing Dashboard gives real-time access to client campaign performance. The dashboard provides clients with an interactive view of marketing metrics resulting from the combination of our automation tools and our expert marketing strategists’ campaign management.

This powerful, user-friendly dashboard extends our marketing automation platform, providing a more insightful alternative to other one-size-fits-all automated options that are currently prolific in the marketplace.

While Ideoclick’s team of marketing strategists and account managers continue to apply their expertise to the optimization of clients’ Amazon Advertising campaigns, clients appreciate having direct visibility into their marketing performance.

Powerful Automation

Ideoclick’s Marketing Automation tool provides:

  • Automated and budget bid adjustment
  • Identification of new keyword opportunities
  • TACoS – ACoS targets by specific strategy
  • Automated search term harvesting
  • Non-public Amazon API
Valuable Insight

Updated in real-time, the Ideoclick Marketing Dashboard provides clients with the ability to view their daily, weekly and monthly performance for all search marketing metrics. The portal gives the ability to slice and dice and drill into data to gain insight by product categories, ASINs, campaign strategies, and keywords.

Furthermore, the Ideoclick Marketing Dashboard enables our team to capitalize on opportunities for incremental revenue by easily comparing performance across a client’s best performing ASINs and product categories. Valuable insight is also revealed through a side-by-side comparison of branded versus non-branded search performance.

For budget tracking, the Ideoclick Marketing Dashboard reveals budget pacing for all active search advertising accounts and provides hourly alerts to campaigns that are running low on budget. In this way, we actively help clients avoid losing sales opportunities.

At Ideoclick, we apply our expertise and technology to improving our clients’ sales performance on Amazon. This dynamic marketing dashboard is just the latest example of how we drive predictive results and win sales on behalf of our clients.

For an invite to review the Ideoclick Marketing Dashboard, please contact us here. Or, if you’re already an existing client, please reach out to your Account Manager.

How to Prepare Now for the Potential Amazon Supplier Purge

How to Prepare Now for the Potential Amazon Supplier Purge

News and industry discussions are swirling around the rumor that Amazon is shaking things up with smaller suppliers and planning to cut all 1P manufacturers under $10M in annual sales. If you read the Bloomberg article or have heard of this elsewhere and you’re concerned, please don’t worry because we have you covered! 

Here’s the gist of why you shouldn’t worry: First, there have been no confirmed timelines associated with this change – so it’s possible you’ll never be affected.  Second, there are tremendous advantages to a being third-party seller on Amazon, and we can readily help you get set-up. If you already have a hybrid 1P/3P arrangement, we can help you optimize your seller central account and product assortment as a precaution to best mitigate risk.  

First, it’s helpful to understand what’s likely driving Amazon’s motivations behind the rumored transition: 

Having lots of smaller suppliers introduces risk to Amazon 

For Amazon, holding and managing inventory for smaller suppliers with less predictable product movement represents a financial risk. Also, it’s difficult to properly vet, police and remove (when necessary) the smaller suppliers who may be selling counterfeit or otherwise unauthorized product. Similarly, smaller manufacturers who may not have met certain safety or testing standards can clearly become problematic for Amazon. We realize our clients don’t fall into these counterfeit or safety-risk categories, but Amazon may not.  

First-party vendors are more high-maintenance for Amazon 

As with any business, a company must consider how employees’ time spent generates revenue and constantly evaluate the value of each employee. Considering the time involved in onboarding and managing first-party platform vendors and items (even with scaling and automation efforts), Amazon finds that the arrangement comes at a high cost to serve compared to the realized revenue. 

Amazon’s investment into one-day shipping means they must find ways to shift to more profitability elsewhere. Third-party vendors create “easier” profit for Amazon, and better selection for customers 
  • Without the maintenance mentioned above, Amazon still earns commission on every sale through the 3P platform – so it’s guaranteed earnings at a lower cost to serve.  
  • Having a large stable of 3P sellers allows Amazon to offer their customers a larger selection, without the heavy burden of directly managing them. 
  • With Amazon’s “hands off the wheel” price matching algorithm for 1P vendor items, the items and even entire brands may become exposed to a CRaP out situation, which presents a loss for Amazon as well as vendors. Vendors moving to 3P gain the control to price their products more sustainably – creating a win/win for vendors and Amazon.  
Here are some advantages of the third-party seller central account: 

More control 

A seller central account gives you the ability to set your own retail prices (avoid CRaP status), manage your own inventory and marketing. And because you manage your own data, you have access to superior reporting. 

More information  

There’s a tremendous community of experienced Amazon third-party seller forums that share best practices and help others troubleshoot. You will be amazed at the plethora of resources available. 

What you should do 

If you don’t already have a seller central account, let us help you set one up. For reference, we have published an FBA playbook that you can request here if you don’t have it already. (Or, if you’re an existing client, reach out to your account manager.)

We can help you create and manage a pricing strategy. Be aware that in your seller account, you will have to manage sales tax remittance in all states. 

If you receive communication from Amazon regarding hybrid selling, or selling as a third-party seller on Amazon, we recommend that you don’t respond immediately.  Please consult first with your Ideoclick Account Manager. We will help you craft a strategy and response that serves your best interests. 

You will find the seller community a very welcoming place and the third-party arrangement an incredible opportunity to continue growing your business, and we look forward to helping you through this transition!