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Ideoclick Helps Brands Understand the Data that Creates Interactions and Drives Transactions on Amazon

On The Move, the Yahoo Finance digital streaming news segment that looks at top headlines and in-depth analysis of what is moving the markets, reported on Amazon Prime Day and sought insight from Ideoclick’s CEO Justin Leigh. In this segment, Leigh discusses Amazon Prime Day changes over the years from the brand participation standpoint, how Ideoclick helps brands navigate the Amazon platform, and customer behavior data that drives the Amazon recommendation engine. You can view the news segment here.

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About Ideoclick
Founded in 2008 by former Amazon executives and harnessing over 200 years of Amazon experience, Ideoclick provides the industry's leading e-Commerce Optimization Platform, delivering a unique combination of cloud-based software, subject matter expertise and insight to businesses that sell on Amazon. Today, Ideoclick helps hundreds of brands achieve transformative results, representing more than $4 billion in annual e-Commerce product sales. For more information, please visit:

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