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This article from the Harvard Business Review details a years-long research project from the University of Washington studying the holistic specifics of how to create an effective, well-designed product web page that will yield best conversion results for customers shopping on Amazon.

We’re excited to see that the field experiment and research results support the current best practices that have already been put in place by the Ideoclick content team.

The whole article is worth a read but here are some of the main takeaways:

  • Carefully orchestrating the content on your product’s Amazon page is the key to boosting sales
  • The type of page design that will most resonate with your customers depends on two primary criteria: (1) the trustworthiness of your brand and (2) the degree to which customers can evaluate the product by reading about it rather than experiencing it.

The study found that found that a single design element (such as bullets, images, etc.) on an Amazon page, when used effectively, can increase purchase intentions up to 10% — a substantial amount in today’s competitive online retail environment! The overall strategic recommendations offered by the results of this article affirm what we on the content team are already doing for our clients:

Using multiple research sources to create written content that is not just SEO-rich but also reflects the brand voice and prioritizes customer education. Rather than taking a straight up cookie-cutter approach to all content, our strategy is dynamic and reflects the varying needs and priorities of different product categories. Both visual and written content strive to elevate the brand voice to convert shoppers. Our Visual Strategists also often include lifestyle images that resonate with consumers and design elements that provide customer education, which is key to conversion.

We look forward to continuing to be ahead of the curve in delivering high-quality, responsive content to our clients!

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