Winning Through Integration – Integrated Execution Addresses the Rising Stakes in Commerce

Accenture and Ideoclick Leadership

by Justin Leigh, Ideoclick CEO

Success on digital marketplaces requires an increasingly integrated and automated strategy. While many manufacturers have great products and strategy, most lack the integrated system to thrive in the coming digital transformation.

Traditionally, strategy and execution were separated by function and channel. The supply chain team didn’t communicate often with the advertising team, and the sales team for one retailer was not connected to the other channels. In modern marketplaces, everything must become connected. Advertising in social channels needs to be tightly coupled to retailer-specific strategy and product design, while pricing and supply chain directly impacts the effectiveness of marketing investments. Keyword bid strategy is more impacted by content relevance, in-stock rates and reviews than by bid amounts. Digitally native brands know this well and use it as an advantage to lower their customer acquisition costs and win in retail environments like Amazon.

Partnership Delivers Holistic Solution

To enable manufacturers to thrive as the retail landscape shifts, we have formed an alliance with Accenture Interactive. Ideoclick’s e-Commerce expertise and technology, combined with Accenture Interactive’s digital marketplace services, creates a cohesive agency ecosystem that equips manufacturers to achieve brand success on leading marketplace platforms.

For brands, this alliance provides an opportunity to create transformative solutions to proactively address the challenges of changing consumer behaviors and technologies. It’s worth mentioning that Accenture Interactive is known as the Experience Agency that drives sustainable growth for clients by creating meaningful Experiences that live at the intersection of purpose and innovation.  They are ranked by Ad Age as the largest digital agency network worldwide and are recognized as a Leader in the latest report on global digital experience agencies from Forrester Research – but most importantly, Accenture Interactive has the expertise and resources to tackle any challenge, and their clients swear by them.

The Importance of Integrated Experiences

Digital marketplaces now account for half of all global online retail sales, and the e-commerce market is expected to be worth $24.3 trillion by 2025[1]. Digital strategy influences far beyond what can be measured online: product content on Amazon influences how consumers shop at Home Depot. Social media content and strategy impacts sales at Kroger. The way products are managed through the supply chain and how well critical product data is managed determines if customers will be able to see those products at all (on the infinite digital shelves that are created in real time in the modern shopping aisle of personalized search results).

Marketers can no longer afford to be siloed or make decisions in one channel without coordination across their own organization and retail ecosystem with constantly changing data. Brand manufacturers must shift to demanding a more holistic approach to content and brand experience. Brand strategists who move toward cross-functional teams, customizable content, and data-driven automation to leverage the full range of insights will uncover and capture growth opportunities.

e-Commerce without compromise™

Ideoclick is the provider of the industry’s leading e-Commerce Optimization Platform delivering a unique combination of comprehensive cloud-based software, expertise and insight to businesses that sell on Amazon. Ideoclick’s alliance with Accenture Interactive is an exciting step forward in enabling brands to achieve transformative results and seize the opportunity to connect with customers in new and more effective ways.

[1] Meticulous Market Research, “E-Commerce Market Worth $24.3 Trillion by 2025,”

December 24, 2018 at


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