The Importance of Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry

One of the many challenges brands face in selling on Amazon, whether a 1P vendor or 3P seller, is the complexity of Amazon Brand Registry. But avoiding Brand Registry or misusing the Brand Registry process could hinder your product sales. Brand Registry is required for the creation of an Amazon Brand Store – enabling a brand to showcase its product portfolio as well as drive Sponsored Brand Ad placements to a consolidated listing. As Brand Registry subject matter experts, we are here to help our clients navigate the process and submit requests on their behalf.  

What is Amazon Brand Registry?   

Brand Registry is a global platform where manufacturers can enter and monitor their brands sold in all Amazon markets. It identifies brand owners to Amazon and provides access to a dedicated Brand Registry support team at Amazon who helps protect intellectual property (IP) as well as resolve listing errors and technical problems. Brand Registry is a brand’s main protection from unauthorized parties selling your products. 

Why is Brand Registry Important?    

  • Brand Registry ensures trademarked brands are properly represented on Amazon. Brand Registry Support can fix inaccurate content, images, or item data incorrectly contributed by sellers onto ASINs sold by the manufacturer or registered agents.  
  • Incorrect data can lead to poor customer experience and item suppression  
  • Brand Registry provides access to ‘Report a Violation’ tool where IP infringement complaints can be filed and submission status can be monitored and escalated if needed. 
  • Text and/or image search can be performed to help identify and monitor branded items offered in all Amazon markets from every seller. 
  • Brand Registered selling accounts have access to Brand Analytics, Brand Dashboard, Vine, and enhanced content including  A+, videos, and Brand Stores. 
  • If requested, Brand Registry can enforce Amazon policies and issue the violating sellers with policy warnings. These can result in suspension or account closure of those unauthorized sellers. 

Is Brand Registry Effective? 

Yes, Brand Registry is an essential and effective aspect of producing an optimized Product Detail Page (PDP) with enhanced brand content. It also unlocks the best reporting via Brand Dashboard and Brand Analytics. Additionally, Brand Registry Support will effectively action ASINs listed in the brand owner/registered Agent’s selling account. Proactive and effective brand protection starts with this page on Amazon’s website

Can we utilize Brand Registry as an authorized seller, even if we’re not the manufacturer?  

Both Vendors and Sellers can register for Brand Registry. The manufacturer will register their trademarks and become the brand Owner/Administrator. They will then grant brand roles – Rights Owner or Registered Agent – to authorized sellers.  After brand roles are added, sellers will ‘see’ the brands in their Brand Registry account and can act on behalf of the brand. 

What are the Challenges with Brand Registry?  

There are known difficulties for brands and sellers in setting up Brand Registry. The specific processes involved, as well as connecting the Brand Registry account to Seller Central, can be particularly challenging.  

There are potential technical hiccups with Amazon, which can cause significant delays in setting up and applying Brand Registry to selling accounts. This is where an expert Amazon managed services agency like Ideoclick can offer value in helping brand manufacturers and sellers navigate the process. 

A specific complication arises for brands and manufacturers who sell in both Vendor Central and Seller Central as they can only link the Brand Registry to ONE of the accounts. 

Amazon Brand Registry Capabilities List 

  • Amazon Brand Registry support WILL NOT action content/image updates for ASINs not sold by the brand owner. For these, a brand owner can file IP violations, but the success rate is low. 
  • Amazon Brand Registry WILL NOT action against 3P sellers for any reason 
  • Amazon WILL ONLY action against 3P sellers when the seller lists under an incorrect brand name. If the seller’s ASIN is listed with the trademarked brand name, then Amazon will deny action against it. 
  • Amazon WILL NOT take action against an ASIN sold by the manufacturer, even if the only offer is 3P and the seller has added incorrect content 
  • Amazon WILL NOT police sellers for pricing at any time 
  • Amazon WILL remove 3P ASINs incorrectly added to variations and issue sellers policy warnings 
  • Amazon WILL issue policy warnings to sellers which can jeopardize ability the seller’s ability to sell 
  • Amazon WILL help with counterfeit products through its Project Zero offering 
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Making Brand Registry Successful – Tips to Use and Mistakes to Avoid 

#1 tip:  Regarding support cases for content/image updates, first file in the selling account (either VC or SC, depending on how it’s set up). Then if still unresolved, escalate to Brand Registry. 

#2 tip:  Know the Amazon policies before submitting cases. Provide Amazon with a link to the policy in question and provide evidence of policy abuse. When logged into Seller Central, you can access this link to the Amazon policies.  

#3 tip:  Do not request that Amazon ‘fix’ an unauthorized seller page with correct images or content. However, if you find a policy the seller violates, you can report them for it.  

#1 mistake:  Manufacturer creating a Brand Registry account with the wrong login. The Brand Registry account login must be the same as the Selling Account login in order to have the two accounts link and to unlock the brand features. 

#2 mistake:  Brand Owners granting rights to too many sellers – this renders Brand Registry useless, as contributions from all rights owners hold equal weight. Best Practice = One Brand Owner and One Registered Agent. 

#3 mistake:  Misuse of Report a Violation Tool. This is used for IP violation and only for items listed under an incorrect brand. If an ASIN is listed with the trademarked brand name, do not file IP complaints for images, content, or pricing. Amazon will deny these complaints and potentially restrict the BR account. Again, find a policy violation applicable to the seller and report them for it. 

#4 mistake: Filing too many support requests can result in removed access to the Brand Registry Support channels.  

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If your brand needs help optimizing sales on Amazon or specifically with Amazon Brand Registry, we’re here to help.  

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