How DSP Drives Scale Beyond Peak Sales Times

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Today, digital advertising accounts for 50.1% of global ad spend. In the wake of COVID-19, that number is spiking.

Fewer people are buying physical magazines and newspapers. Fewer employees are seeing billboards on their way to work. What about the average American’s screen-time? It’s through the roof.

These days, Amazon is flexing its’ muscles as the new powerhouse of ad spending. This holds true for brands with products on the site, but also for general advertisers.

On Amazon’s internal advertising platform, companies can create ads that will be displayed in Amazon’s search results when consumers use certain keywords.

When you utilize Amazon’s Demand Side Platform—also known as DSP—your brand will pop up in ads, even if consumers are on another site. This helps build brand awareness and customer loyalty while casting your advertising net over a broader audience!

Some brands leverage DSP to drive results outside during major sales events like Prime Day or Christmas. It’s also highly effective for brands to use it to scale year-round because DSP targeting is based on highly customized selection criteria for the target audience and target ad placement.   

Your buyer persona can be crafted from various data sets, including:

  • Shopping history
  • Browsing patterns
  • Demographics
  • Geographics
  • Competitor ads that enable precise retargeting

This level of detail allows dramatic scale by hitting the right shoppers who are most likely to respond to your message.   

Why Are DSP Ads Important?

DSP also helps you combat heightened competition and diminished returns with sponsored ad campaigns. Inventory can be tight for popular sponsored ad keywords, and you’ll be operating with an advantage.

You can use DSP to successfully scale year-round, not just when shoppers surge to Amazon for the best deals. For instance, what if you don’t snag a customer on the first try? DSP allows you to retarget effectively when they engage in subsequent browsing activities.

DSP also provides enhanced creative opportunities.  Amazon offers pre-built templates with creative options that can make a big difference for your brand to implement a campaign quickly and at a low cost!  Some elements are auto-generated, while other elements are reserved specifically for your creative assets. You can always create your own ads too, depending upon your goals.

How A Layered DSP Approach Complements Your Sponsored Ad Strategy

Sponsored ad campaigns are a great launching pad because they allow you to reach an audience based on search behavior on Amazon. 

DSP can then be layered onto your campaigns to achieve precise targeting. 

Here are some perks of implementing a DSP ad campaign.

  • Available to brands whether they sell products on Amazon or not.
  • Access to Amazon-owned properties, publishers, and third-party exchanges.
  • Ability to leverage display, video, and audio ads at scale.
  • A choice between creating your own ads or use Amazon tools to do so.

You’ll know exactly what you’re shooting for every step of the way. This knowledge allows you to maximize access to Amazon-owned properties where your ads will be displayed.

Is Your Timing Right?

The point of DSP is leveraging your consumers’ needs to help your brand succeed. Here are some choices you’ll make to guide your campaign: 

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the best ad format to reach consumers?
  • Where should these ads be placed?

When you think about how is your target audience, key questions include: what does your ideal buyer persona look like? Where does this buyer persona spend time? What devices do they use?

This helps you decide on your ad format. Does your chosen demographic watch videos, or would they prefer an audio format?

You’ll also need to decide on ad placement across various Amazon properties, publishers, and exchanges.

Once you’ve made these decisions, it’s time to take your campaign on the road for a low-stakes test drive. You’ll need to publish some ads, gather information, and course correct. Maybe you’ll discover that your ad format could be different for the intended audience, or you overlooked crucial demographic information.

After you’ve gathered your learnings, optimize your program. Then you can ramp up spend to drive scale and traffic!

With DSP, you can test different targeting campaigns and drive scale for your business.

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