Annual Negotiations Resources Roundup 

Still negotiating with Amazon? You’re not alone! Below is a roundup of negotiations resources. Happy negotiating! 


Ideoclick’s Youtube Playlist on Negotiations   


The Complete Manufacturer’s Guide on the Cost to Serve Amazon 

Thriving on Amazon: What Vendors Need to Know to Negotiate with the Online Retail Giant 

5 Major Pitfalls to Avoid When Negotiating with Amazon 

How to Not Get Eaten Alive During Your Annual Amazon Negotiations 

The Truth About Who Pays for Free Online Shipping 

 Five Ways to Ensure Your Brand Remains Profitable on Amazon 


Download Vendor Negotiations Tracker


The Jason & Scot Show episode on Negotiating With Amazon (featuring Andrea Leigh) 

Profitero’s podcast on Item Level Profitability (featuring Andrea Leigh) 

Andrea Leigh

About Andrea Leigh

Andrea a nationally known thinker, writer, and speaker on retail transformation, digital marketing, and ecommerce strategy, Amazon and beyond. She comes to Ideoclick from Andrea K. Leigh Consulting, a firm she founded to advise brands on strategies. This former senior executive at Amazon led 15+ product categories, helped launch Amazon’s automated pricing system and CRaP programs, and ran Amazon Prime for Amazon Canada.

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