Ideoclick Launches Pulse Advertising to Unify Disparate Data and Unlock Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Ideoclick Pulse Ad

Ideoclick, Inc., the provider of the industry’s leading e-commerce optimization platform, today launched Pulse Advertising, an intelligent media investment tool built for Amazon and other retail media networks to help brands unlock sustainable competitive advantage and a winning e-commerce strategy.

Pulse Advertising puts performance data in context so brands can optimize every ad budget, make better business decisions, and find the best opportunities to win on Amazon and beyond. The tool is a part of Ideoclick’s new Pulse Platform, an e-commerce action suite that merges data and insights into automatic action. With Pulse, every aspect of a brand’s e-commerce business is measured, monitored, and resolved to drive growth.

An evolution of Ideoclick’s digital advertising solutions, Pulse Advertising consolidates ad tech functionality, enabling deep visibility into key metrics across the platform and the ability to adapt performance in real-time. Pulse Advertising offers robust reports that provide rich insights on performance and optimization opportunities across a variety of retail media networks, including Amazon,

“Intelligent insights and advanced data products are the future foundation of a transformational advertising solution as these campaigns are very difficult to manage when systems and data are disparate,” said Ben Winters, Chief Innovation Officer of Ideoclick. “For brands looking to manage e-commerce campaigns at scale and evolve on a 60-day innovation cycle, it’s critical they have visibility into their data and the ability to translate those insights into automated, smart programs that can grow and pivot in real time.”

Key Features of New “One Stop Shop” Solution

Pulse Advertising enables speed and scale by automating and infusing client logic and best practices into ad scheduling and bidding. The solution pulls data out of siloes and into context, delivering holistic insights into factors affecting campaign success on Amazon and other retail media networks to inform smarter campaign strategies. Key features include:

  • Automated Bidding: Provides smart logic that automatically increases or decreases campaign bids based on a brand’s specific performance logic; saves, schedules or repeats bidding rules; sends email notifications any time the system makes a change to bid status; supports bid adjustments tied to inventory. This feature automates key financial decisions across campaigns to enable speed and scale.
  • Day-Parting: Allows brands to pause campaigns to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS) and schedule campaigns to enhance visibility and overall performance. This ensures maximum freedom and flexibility to optimize ad performance and finely tune an ad’s exposure down to granular windows of time, driving optimized campaign metrics.
  • Event Schedule: Provides deep visibility into all the factors impacting a product’s sales, allowing brands to map events from across a wide range of sources and adjust and adapt campaigns in real time. This holistic view of performance data allows brands to quickly understand all the variables impacting a product’s sales.

Ideoclick will be launching several new solutions in its the Pulse Platform over the next few months.

Gain holistic insights and granular control with Ideoclick Pulse Advertising. Our data-informed automation unlocks your brand’s best opportunities to win on Amazon and beyond. Also, be on the lookout, as Ideoclick will be launching several new solutions in its the Pulse Platform over the next few months.

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