Ideoclick Launches Pulse Compliance to Help Brands Overcome Chargebacks, Shortages and Discrepancies on Amazon

Ideoclick Pulse Compliance

Automated resolution and real-time visibility enable protection, optimization and automated profitability on Amazon

Ideoclick, Inc., the provider of the industry’s leading e-commerce optimization platform, today launched Pulse Compliance, an operational intelligence tool built to help brands navigate complex Amazon compliance disputes.

Pulse Compliance transforms complex paperwork and processes into clear recovery opportunities by combining a digital product and human methodology for reclaiming shortage and chargeback fees collected by Amazon. The tool is a part of Ideoclick’s new Pulse Platform, an e-commerce action suite that merges data and insights into automatic action. With Pulse, every aspect of a brand’s e-commerce business is measured, monitored, and resolved to drive growth.

“With more and more brands shifting to e-commerce marketplaces, it’s critical to understand each platform’s cost to serve,” said Ben Winters, Chief Innovation Officer of Ideoclick. “With a lot of moving pieces, it is difficult to navigate through hidden fees, shortages and discrepancies, which end up resulting in compliance disputes. Fortunately, these inconveniences and issues are easily recoverable and solvable if brands invest in a platform that provides them with correct reporting, technology and an unmatched experience.”

Adding Clarity & Efficiency to Your Operations

Ideoclick’s Pulse Operational Compliance tool automatically synthesizes myriad data sources and distills them into a single view for unprecedented insights into how to easily remedy issues ensuring clients can see where recovery opportunities exist. Key features include:

  • Operational Data Ingestion: Stores up to two years past operational data, including POs, Invoices, Payments, Shortages, Chargebacks & Disputes.
  • Health Report: Shows the historical transactional activity between Amazon and client focusing on the shortages and chargebacks, their disputation and settlement via dashboards.
  • Accounting Ledger/Billing: Seamlessly trues up to accounting systems and makes clear how Pulse Compliance impacts the bottom line. Billing statements for the share of resolved disputes due to Pulse Compliance are also included. 
  • Streamlined Onboarding Flow: Existing clients (or new prospects) which have granted vendor central access can opt into a limited functionality for a limited time that gives top level reports and a call to action to sign up for the service.
  • Automatic Dispute Initiation/Settlement: Can be configured to automatically dispute chargebacks and shortages based on business rules around the type and size of the discrepancy. 

“Their expertise in Amazon systems and ability to decode complex technical language into easily understandable pieces has made it much easier to understand what is happening with my business,” said Anthony Dorsey, Director of Operations at Takeya. “Ideoclick has taken time-consuming processes off my plate, helped solve problems by identifying the root cause, and supported recovery negotiations with Amazon.”

Discover how Ideoclick can help provide unprecedented analytics tools and expert compliance management with Pulse Compliance.

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About Ideoclick
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