Ranking on Amazon – Everything You Need to Know About BSR

Ranking on Amazon - Everything You Need to Know About BSR | Ideoclick

What Is Amazon Sales Rank?

The Amazon sales rank, also known as the Best sellers rank (BSR), is a number that represents an item’s popularity in a main or subcategory on Amazon. The BSR is one of the most important building blocks in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) universe. Each product on Amazon receives a ranking for its subcategories, but not every product will receive a ranking for the main. For example, many products are sold in ‘Beauty’ that don’t have a BSR; instead, there are rankings for Amazon beauty subcategories such as ‘Makeup’ or ‘Skin Care.’

When the sales rank fluctuates, millions of dollars can be made or lost in an instant. Sellers across Amazon tend to have a love/hate relationship with it, and many try to discover the secrets of Best Sellers Rank to find ways to game it. As for the BSR itself, it ranges anywhere from one to over one million, with a higher number representing fewer sales. The smaller the rank, the more sought-after the product is. 

When searching for a product’s BSR, head over to the Amazon.com product page and scroll down to the product details section. Here you’ll see different variables such as package dimensions, item weight, ASIN, Best Sellers Rank, and more. If you’re on a mobile device, you may have to navigate to the actual product description block in order to find this information.

While it’s unlikely for Amazon ever to reveal the ins and outs of its Amazon sales ranking system, there is information that every seller should be aware of to increase their chances of success. The intricacy and complexity of the ranking system has the potential to discourage even the most motivated seller, but thankfully there are many helpful user tips.

You Must Have Sales 

Even if your Amazon product is highly unique in its category, it still needs to continually gather sales in the initial stages of its launch to start climbing up the Amazon sales rank. This is why it’s important to consider using a comprehensive strategy that incorporates Amazon’s Demand-side Platform (DSP). Amazon DSP helps users plan targeted campaigns, optimize performance levels, and consistently get noticed by online prospects.

Another strategic component of boosting sales is listing optimization. For example, implementing strong product photography can play a huge role in catching the attention of potential customers. Incorporating images that show product function, sizing scales, ingredient lists, etc. all prove to be extremely helpful. It’s crucial to have a plan in place to get initial sales before activating your listing, and never list a product and forget about it. Remember, the formula to winning on Amazon Marketplace is dynamic, as the old practices no longer lead to success. 

Increase Your Sales Velocity 

From the very moment you launch to when you hit the number one spot for your targeted keyword, your goal should be to increase sales every day. By definition, this is called ‘sales velocity’, and it can dramatically improve your BSR. Furthermore, Amazon considers the number of individuals purchasing your product far more crucial than the number of units purchased. With that said, while selling more units per order may give your product a boost in keyword rankings, it won’t boost your best sellers rank. 

Build Up Your Sales History 

Amazon’s sales rank indicates any past sales and sales performance, similar to a report card. The best way to improve your BSR is by focusing on building up a comprehensive sales history. By focusing on the development of a strong sales record for your product, you’ll be able to see an overall improvement. 

Along with that, it’s important to note that sales consistency has a large impact on your BSR. If you happen to see a spike in your sales in a short amount of time, you may notice an increase in your rank. If you don’t keep that sales momentum up, though, your BSR will start to plummet. If this does happen, you’ll likely experience a negative impact on your keyword rankings. Subsequently, it’s better to have consistent sales as opposed to lower sales with occasional spikes.

Again a ‘pay-to-play’ strategy with Amazon DSP or Sponsored ads is a way to consistently keep your products front and center to buyers in order to create that halo effect for more organic traffic and more organic sales. 

Place Less Focus on Seasonality 

Let’s say you’re a beauty brand, it’s the beginning of March, and you’re performing product research. During your hunt, you discover a spring-themed eye-shadow palette that has a low best sellers rank and is receiving a ton of sales. Based on this information, you decide to put all of your marketing spend into your brand’s eye-shadow palette. Before you do, consider the implications of seasonality and the long-term downside of going all-in on a temporary sales spike. 

As with most Amazon premium beauty products that are seasonal, the product’s current BSR is misleading. Don’t forget that the BSR indicates how well a product is selling currently, and you need to have consistent sales regardless of what season it is. 

Perform Comprehensive Product Research 

Amazon Product Research is about studying current market trends in order to choose “winning” items. Market evaluation is extremely crucial in reaching targeted shoppers and accelerating sales on Amazon. The idea is to search for lower-cost products that can be sold for competitive prices, ultimately providing a good profit margin in return.

By doing your due diligence in terms of product research, you’re investing in your overall success. The amount of time you invest in product research is a solid indicator of the BSR you can ultimately achieve. Spend a few hours examining your own product categories and discovering which ones are worth your time and investment. The more time you spend researching, the more you’re able to streamline your efforts moving forward. 

See a Steady Improvement in Your Amazon Sales Ranking

Amazon’s best sellers rank isn’t static, as it changes often and holds the key to your success on Amazon. Even though its complexity can be quite overwhelming, be wary about how you spend your time and effort. Be sure that you’re spending time navigating ways to drive more sales, increase your organic keyword ranking, and gain more positive reviews. By optimizing every aspect of your listing, you should be able to see a steady improvement in the long run. 

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