Winning Amazon’s Digital Shelf – How to Maximize Your Share of Search

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As the Covid-19 pandemic globally pushed consumers to purchase products online, ecommerce adoption skyrocketed, particularly on Amazon. A survey by Wunderman Thompson found that Amazon is the preferred starting point for online shoppers, with 62% of shoppers indicating they start their search for products on Amazon. 

With this drive toward a digital shopping experience, brands should prioritize winning the digital shelf in 2021 and beyond. Like every digital marketplace, Amazon has unique search engine criteria. Thus, creating a comprehensive Amazon digital shelf strategy for your brand is crucial. 

The Amazon Digital Shelf: What is it and Why is it Important?

The digital shelf describes where and how a brand’s products are displayed online. On Amazon, the digital shelf comes in many forms: product recommendation lists, category pages, search results, and more. 

The digital shelf gives brands opportunities to “show up” for shoppers and showcase products at the perfect moment in the consumer journey. Increasingly, Amazon uses its digital shelf like an advertising network, as brands compete for visibility, space, and the buy box. 

Digital Shelf Optimization: Maximize Your Product’s Visibility

70% of shoppers don’t scroll past the first page of Amazon’s search results.

70% of shoppers don’t scroll past the first page of Amazon’s search results — and, according to Amazon’s data, the first product placement receives 24% of sales, while the second receives 14%, thus, appearing near the top of the first search results page is critical in the battle for digital shelf space. Here are two key components your brand can focus on to optimize visibility on Amazon’s digital shelf.  

Optimize Your Listings: Increase Organic Search Results & Conversions

To increase the probability of your brand appearing at the top of search results, start with an optimized product listing page using these tactics:

  • Use Ideoclick’s Share of Search® to unlock top keywords and measure how your brand is performing at the category and product level using custom search groups.
  • Product Titles and Descriptions Once you have keywords in mind, write titles and descriptions strategically to include top keywords. To connect with customers, make descriptions engaging and reflective of your brand’s tone. When constructing your title, make sure you’re following Amazon’s product title best practices
  • Note that the Amazon algorithm ranks based on shipping speeds, pricing, past performance, and the accessibility of tracking information. Make yours competitive.
  • Avoiding stockouts and continually maintaining inventory will help your products’ digital shelf performance and ensure that you don’t lose valuable search results.
Ideoclick Share of Search™

Once shoppers hit your page, you want the customer experience to be the best it can be. There are several techniques brands can keep in mind when it comes to enhancing their product pages:

  • Product Images should be compelling, high-quality, and consistent. This allows customers to better understand the product’s purpose, trust its quality, and evoke emotions that encourage B2C sales. 
  • Product Reviews are essential data, as they influence and drive sales by giving would-be customers confidence to make a purchase. To gain reviews, invest in solutions that encourage shoppers to write them. For example, automated follow-up emails that request reviews from recent buyers have proven helpful.

Have an Amazon Advertising Strategy

When first launching a product listing, it’s wise to promote it with paid advertising. A comprehensive digital ad strategy can boost traffic, reviews, and conversions, which naturally combine to increase organic digital shelf visibility over time. 

Amazon offers helpful tools, including Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) that can help. Amazon DSP leverages historical data to retarget likely buyers on Amazon as well as third-party sites and apps; and when used alongside AMS, it’s possible to increase brand awareness and conversions on Amazon.

Recently, Ideoclick deployed a digital ad campaign for a client using these tools. The results delivered 3X the brand’s average cost of goods sold. You can read more on the strategy itself and how to apply this approach to your own brand here.

Streamline Performance Tracking 

Once product information has been thoroughly assessed and constructed, the next step is to measure and optimize its performance. Consistently enhancing product presence across digital shelf opportunities on Amazon is essential to maximizing online revenue. 

Solutions like Ideoclick Pulse Reveal provide cutting-edge competitor analysis and optimization insights. As a plugin, it appears as a layer on top of With this layer, you can watch the pulse of your brand in real-time without ever leaving the platform. The plugin lets you discover how consumers think, what keywords they’re searching, and new opportunities to drive top rankings. 

Share of Search™ (a feature of Pulse Reveal) will allow you to monitor the keywords you’ve applied to your product pages. Measuring keyword performance in real-time allows you to pivot as needed to compete for digital shelf visibility. 

Ideoclick Pulse Reveal™

With Pulse Reveal, it’s easy to see which of your product listings need attention. Product grades show where page optimization can be applied, so you’ll know exactly what to fix. With this solution, you can instantly act to expand search visibility, improve ad placements, and drive content performance. Instantly Initiate workflows with Ideoclick experts to take advantage of each opportunity in the marketplace.

Winning the Amazon Digital Shelf is a Journey, Not a Destination

Competing for the digital shelf is an ongoing effort — it’s part of the art of ecommerce on Amazon. Each digital shelf opportunity on Amazon plays an important role. To win, brands need to understand each part, the additive impacts on visibility, and strive to leverage every chance to reach their target audience. 

At Ideoclick, we drive brand visibility with practiced collaboration between your product teams and our ecommerce experts. We review your Amazon presence, recommend strategic improvements, and streamline performance tracking to build your ecommerce success. 

If your brand is ready to rev up competition for digital shelf space on Amazon and beyond, request a consultation with Ideoclick experts to maximize sales and win. 

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