Break Through in Amazon Beauty with DSP, Amazon Marketing Services, and Ideoclick Technology

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The heavily saturated Amazon beauty scene is a tough place for beauty brands to capture the spotlight. But if you have a defined audience and product benefits ready to share, you’re perfectly positioned to turn up your brand voice wattage on Amazon, and beyond. One proven way is to utilize a combination of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Ideoclick Share of Search™, and Amazon’s Demand-side Platform (DSP).

Using these tools, plus advanced ecommerce optimization technology, Ideoclick increased the cost of goods sold (COGS) in the U.S. and Canada combined by 65% for a major international beauty client. Read on to find out why the strategy worked.

Gain Visibility-Building Insights with Amazon Marketing Services and Ideoclick Share of Search®

Amazon Marketing Services, or AMS, offers sponsored ads for both product and brand, as well as display ads, within It’s good to start with Amazon Marketing Services when you aim to gather information on effective keywords and products that draw the most targeted attention. Plus, Amazon Marketing Services is an effective way to increase brand awareness. After all, getting to the top of Amazon is definitely a pay-to-play game. In other words, paid ads are a beauty brand must. 

Ideoclick increased the cost of goods sold in the U.S. and Canada combined by 65%

The benefits of Amazon Marketing Services are significantly strengthened when you have real-time technology that lets you see your campaign health and product data directly in Amazon itself. You should also be able to instantly identify products leading your beauty category — and new opportunities to take over the top rankings. 

With no physical, defined sections on Amazon, insights that shape a search-based customer journey are a critical brand visibility component. That’s why Ideoclick Share of Search™ leverages search share analytics and competitive benchmarking to reveal the exact keywords you must own to win your share of the digital shelf, within budget. For instance, forget “eyeliner.” Maximize efficiency and dominate the product category with your beauty brand’s highest-opportunity, hyper-targeted terms, such as “black liquid vegan eyeliner.”

So use the AMS campaign data and promote products that already have traction. At the same time, apply proven keywords discovered with Ideoclick Share of Search™ to your ad targeting and your Amazon presence (think keyword-optimized product pages).   

Ideoclick Share of Search™

Extend Your Beauty Brand Presence with Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP tools draw traffic through ads that run on Amazon as well as Amazon-owned and leading publisher sites. And beauty brands that want to extend their reach beyond Amazon borders need to use them. DSP unlocks Amazon-targeting data and gives you more creative control over ads. 

DSP in tandem with your learnings from Ideoclick Share of Search™ means you can send. your strongest beauty products out to the virtual runway — with an incrased probbility of engagement …

Think about how that product you viewed on Amazon kept following you around the web. It was likely an ad run through Amazon DSP. But DSP ads aren’t just about retargeting. Amazon’s targeting data can put your ad in front of other audiences that are likely to be interested in your beauty product based on their purchase and browsing history.

DSP in tandem with your learnings from Ideoclick Share of Search™ means you can send your strongest beauty products to the virtual runway — with an increased probability of engagement that will streamline your budget and increase ROI.

Increase Ad Spend to Increase Organic Reach

The Amazon algorithm is a mystery, but one thing is clear: Amazon loves, loves, loves sales. And, of note, Amazon prefers total orders over total products sold. So the more beauty customers you can drive to your Amazon pages and convert, the more likely Amazon is to organically promote your products. 

…an increased organic presence will ultimately mean that your beauty brand has to rely less on ad spend.

So consider this proven strategy to drive beauty brand visibility and sales. Implement a three-month accelerated AMS and DSP ad strategy, using promotions to drive more conversions. No, it won’t be the most efficient way to affect your return on ad spend (ROAS). But the aim is to significantly grow traffic and the number of sales which, in the long term, can help increase organic traffic. 

Remember, Amazon is obsessed with sales and wants to lead people to products that people want. And an increased organic presence will ultimately mean that your beauty brand has to rely less on ad spend. 

Optimize Beauty Product Listing Pages to Win Conversions

All of the tools and strategies above can drive traffic to your product pages. That doesn’t guarantee a “buy now” click. Every beauty brand should make sure that every product listing page is fully optimized to convert.  

Are you including beauty imagery that shows product application and texture? Are you highlighting product details that address customer pain points? As important, are you sharing your unique beauty brand story and the values that shaped it? Success in the beauty category demands a following that detailed, high-end content and media can help create. Learning to effectively use the free Amazon A+ content feature tool and other listing optimization strategies can significantly enhance the buying experience you offer.

Percentage impact of key product page elements on the buy decision:

Real Beauty Brand Results on Amazon

It’s the quintessential understatement: Amazon beauty is a tough space to break through. While there are many tools that can give you a competitive edge, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Ideoclick knows how to make the most of Amazon services and provides cutting-edge ecommerce technology like the Ideoclick Share of SearchChrome plug-in, part of our Ideoclick Pulse Reveal BETA™ Amazon insights tool.

Read the case study on our successful partnership with a leading Canadian beauty manufacturer that wanted to enter the highly competitive U.S. beauty marketplace through Amazon: 

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in COGS in the U.S. and Canadian markets combined

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