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Now more than ever, brands selling on Amazon should be leveraging the best data available to reach the right audiences. And when it comes to ecommerce, no one has more high-quality data than Amazon. Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) allows advertisers to purchase video, audio, and display ads that are shown both on and outside of Amazon, following the shopper along their buyer journey. Amazon DSP helps gather information necessary to create the buyer persona, ultimately driving more conversions with better targeting and retargeting.

One of the highlights of Amazon DSP ads is the ability to make data-based decisions. This is because Amazon utilizes data such as consumers’ previous shopping habits, allowing them to target likely buyers. Considering DSP ads are a study of shopper behavior, campaigns can rely on the first-party information that Amazon collects. Ideoclick’s client, a medical research organization that produces dietary and nutritional products, began as a startup that lacked online brand awareness. Their supplement line mainly existed within the medical community, as physicians would sell and refer patients to the supplements without an established broad consumer market.

Without an Amazon presence, our client was eager to expand their marketplace. Their large fan base of returning customers provided the Ideoclick team with a strong strategic objective for initial exposure and conversion. Marketing specialists began by launching a strategy to prepare the company for the consumer marketplace. The Ideoclick team then mapped out and initiated an Amazon DSP campaign and developed creative tactics for shopper engagement. 

Our client’s Amazon DSP strategy ultimately allowed them to capture the attention of likely buyers – consumers who showed interest in their products but did not purchase. DSP proved to be an effective tool for converting consumers who were already aware of the brand or product further down the funnel. Furthermore, it dramatically helped grow the brand in the consumer healthcare marketplace. Discover more about our client’s growth and success in the Amazon marketplace by taking a look at Ideoclick’s case study

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