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Top Marketing Tactics Leveraged by Amazon Professional Beauty Brands

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When it comes to Amazon, several beauty brands have reservations about selling on the ecommerce marketplace. However, brands that are not on Amazon risk competitors claiming their market share. To compete, Amazon professional beauty brands must have a solid omnichannel strategy. 

The customer journey has evolved and now almost always includes Amazon. As of July, revenue for Amazon’s Beauty & Personal Care category grew 58% year-over-year, bringing in $2 billion more than last year. This means that Amazon has become a driving force in a full-funnel approach to converting customers. 

Lifecycle Marketing on Amazon Includes Search Term Isolation

There’s no question that Amazon is a pay-to-play platform. The first page of search results is almost entirely occupied by sponsored brand and product ads. Organic placements appear beneath sponsored products, but even those placements are determined by relevancy, highest conversion rate, and positive reviews. In order to break through the noise, paid advertising must be a part of your Amazon DNA.

Advertising is the bread and butter of growth on Amazon, which is why developing a proven bidding strategy is key to powering your approach. Search term isolation is an advanced bidding technique on Amazon. Simply put, it is bidding on search terms that convert while negating all search terms that don’t. Over time, you’ll build rank and improve conversion rates while eliminating any wasted spend.

Search term isolation requires a delicate balance between innovative technology that automates processes and humans who manually make changes. The marriage between humans and technology is one that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you have numerous ASINs. Ideoclick’s Share of Search monitors the effectiveness of your brand’s keywords to measure their success when compared to competitors. Ultimately, this reporting tool provides brands a comprehensive understanding of their rank on certain keywords, which allows them to make more informed decisions both now and in the future. 

Sponsored Brands and Products Are Driving ROAS

Amazon sponsored products are PPC ads that enable brands to drive traffic to their product listings on Amazon. Brands can achieve a set of diverse goals with Amazon Sponsored Products and measure performance too. With sponsored brand ads, you only pay when a shopper clicks on your ad. However, these types of ads carry a higher cost per click (CPC) than sponsored product ads because they have higher prominence. Depending on the bid amount, Amazon determines where the ads appear. 

Sponsored brand and product ads are valuable when used separately but are even more effective when used together. Running both sponsored ad types at the same time helps to improve the visibility of product pages, lowers cost-per-click, and provides the ability to feature products relevant to shopping queries. 

Sponsored Display Provides New Targeting Opportunities

Sponsored Display ads allow brands to engage audiences who are in the mindset of browsing, discovering, and purchasing products, both on and off Amazon. These CPC ads are ASIN-specific and have a new targeting feature for audiences that enables brands to define audience reach, introduce new products, engage new customers, and retarget. 

Brands are now able to select audiences in a similar way to how you would describe your brand’s core consumer. You can then connect the language used in your overall marketing strategy to your Sponsored Display campaigns. Furthermore, you can mix and match audience segments with custom-built views remarketing audiences within your specific ad group.  

Amazon Professional Beauty Brands Are Benefiting from Demand-Side Platforms

Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) provides many benefits for beauty brands, as you can utilize the platform to reach both new and existing audiences on and off Amazon. The core capabilities of Amazon DSP make it a versatile option for many, as brands can target customers based on their demographic data, buying habits, and overall interests.  

Additionally, brands can re-engage previous consumers or users who browsed their products with Amazon’s exclusive retargeting data. Ads are served both on and off the platform on a cost-per-impression basis, serving either the brand’s custom designs or Amazon-generated creatives. 

Continually Perform Amazon Product Listing Optimization

The objective of Amazon product listing optimization is simple – it improves your product ranking in search results to ultimately drive traffic and boost sales. Ranking higher in Amazon search results allows brands to both increase their sales and add to their bottom line. There are several factors that go into successful product listings, such as optimizing for keywords, using quality photos and writing strong titles and descriptions. Optimizing your product pages to showcase unique and valuable features will ultimately help reinforce your brand’s value. 

Comprehensive product information also means that your page will be found easier and more quickly by search engines. The more quality content you provide on your product page, the higher the likelihood that the page will rank higher, and therefore be called up by more visitors. Ideoclick experts compiled a list of Amazon product listing techniques that can set your beauty brand apart from hundreds and thousands of others. 

Pro Tip: Amazon provides a premium A+ Content feature that allows brands to change product descriptions of their Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) by utilizing rich text and images. This tool can help ensure that potential buyers have a highly sophisticated shopping experience, often leading to increased sales, higher conversion rates, and improved traffic.

Driving awareness on Amazon is a challenge. Although smart advertising campaigns and elevated content can help get your brand noticed, reporting, compliance issues, and ongoing creative optimization can drain your resources and hurt your bottom line. Discover how Ideoclick experts can help professional beauty brands with smart and actionable strategies on Amazon that ultimately break through the noise and help you win the Buy Box.

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