How Tackling Amazon Chargebacks Led to Millions in Growth During COVID

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Knowing how to protect your brand from Amazon chargebacks is a crucial part of your deduction management process as a vendor. This can be done by addressing noncompliance and creating a comprehensive deduction management plan. While these strategies play a key part in increasing your bottom line, brands must also focus on improving their brand awareness. An effective way to do this is by utilizing Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP) which leverages Amazon data to retarget likely buyers across online channels. 

Ideoclick’s client, Takeya, is a manufacturer of reusable hydration bottles, mugs, makers, and pitchers. While growth progression remained steady, Takya wasn’t able to optimally interface with Amazon, which negatively impacted engagement across their customer landscape. Then, when Amazon labeled the company’s products as “non-essential” at the start of the pandemic, sales orders dramatically decreased.  

Takeya’s marketing strategy wasn’t leveraging targeted Amazon DSP opportunities, which led to an absence of research, data, and insights. The company couldn’t optimally interface with Amazon, which negatively impacted engagement across their customer landscape. Limited data, gaps in operational compliance, and other complexities drove Takeya to seek external input. 

Ideoclick took a proactive approach to address operational noncompliance and alleviate the financial bleed associated with Amazon chargebacks. The plan also included the implementation of Amazon Seller Central to overcome Vendor Central order interruptions due to COVID-19.

Check out Ideoclick’s case study to discover how our multi-pronged approach ultimately led Takeya to millions in earnings and a coveted spot in the Amazon marketplace. 

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