Discover How Ideoclick Helped Torani Evolve Their Brand Strategy to Maximize Sales Growth on Amazon

In any competitive online marketplace, it is crucial to develop an ecommerce brand strategy that challenges those of rival sellers. Often, it takes an innovative approach for a brand to set itself apart from the rest. On Amazon, brands usually use one of two options: Amazon Vendor Central or Amazon Seller Central. Each offers its own perks, with Vendor Central a more hands-off but less controllable option than Seller Central. However, for some brands, it makes more sense to utilize both platforms in the same business strategy to leverage the benefits of both.

This was an approach Ideoclick constructed for our client Torani, a global syrup and sauce manufacturer that delivers a variety of incredible flavors for beverages around the world. Torani sought to evolve its brand strategy to maximize growth where possible and sustain business more efficiently. 

Read Ideoclick’s case study to discover how our experts increased Torani’s:

  • Ad sales by over 455% 
  • Total sales by over 316% 
  • New-to-brand shopper sales by over +349% year-over-year

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