Uncover unique Amazon brand insights.

Ideoclick’s Brand Analysis identifies category wins you’re losing to innovation gaps — and the proactive strategies you need to close them. No cost and no commitment.

A tablet showing an Ideoclick article titled The Amazon Brand Analysis.
A tablet showing an Ideoclick article titled The Amazon Brand Analysis.

What You Get

Truly understand your brand’s current performance in context, and see how much more you stand to grow with the right insights and guidance. Our proprietary analysis uncovers your top improvement opportunities across key Amazon success frameworks, including share of digital search and shelf, category ownership, and digital shopper journeys.

1. Category Insights

Get key insights on the unique dynamics of your primary Amazon category.

2. Category Competitive Intelligence

See how your brand compares to other top brands within your category.

Understand what’s going on in the mind of your potential customers as they navigate Amazon’s undefined aisles. We’ll explain the keyword trends in relation to page placement.

4. Share of Voice Insights

Get key insights on which brands are primary keyword sponsors in your category, as well as organic and sponsored share of voice trends for branded and non-branded keywords.

5. Content Analysis

Find out if your Amazon brand store, product detail pages, and A+ pages are fully optimized to increase search relevance and convert.

6. Pricing Analysis & Assortment Strategy

Learn ways to optimize profitability through our review of the average selling price on Amazon and recommendations on assortment strategy.

7. Channel Health

Check on channel health through our review of Buy Box conversions and price compression due to 3P competition.

How it Works

Ideoclick’s personalized Brand Analysis is as easy as it is comprehensive.
We do all the work, so you don’t have to.

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Fill Out the Request Form

We’ll reach out within 48 hours to schedule a brief discovery call to ensure a tailored analysis of your brand on Amazon. Then we use public data, Ideoclick™ tech, and our expert ecommerce insights to measure your current success and find missed growth opportunities. No account access needed.

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Hear How to Win

We’ll schedule a 30-minute call to walk you through the results of your holistic Brand Analysis. No sales pitches. Just a clear explanation of where to improve performance and recommended next steps for the consistent category win. The report is yours to keep.

Get a stronger Amazon brand strategy.

Ideoclick’s Brand Analysis reveals exactly how competitive you are on Amazon and clearly identifies your best opportunities to grow and dominate the digital shelf. No cost and no commitment.

The Ideoclick Advantage

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