Case Study:Cleanlogic Masters Amazon Seller Central with Ideoclick

Cleanlogic specializes in personal care products sold in retail outlets and on Amazon. Having significant selling experience with Amazon, IMS Cleanlogic Director of ecommerce, Ed Velasco, had been successfully overseeing the IMS Cleanlogic Vendor Central business on Amazon. But now he needed a highly experienced Amazon marketing agency to help him win Amazon Seller Central.
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Cleanlogic was initiating a rebrand and determined that moving certain items from Vendor Central to Amazon’s Seller Central platform would be advantageous. However, they had little experience with Seller Central. They needed guidance in building up their brand catalog and identifying and executing the Amazon-specific marketing strategies that would successfully launch the new brand on the new platform.


  • Full-service Amazon seller account management
  • Expert Amazon catalog consolidation
  • New Amazon-enhanced brand content
  • Top visibility through Amazon cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns
  • Profit-protecting Amazon supply chain management


  • ROAS from ad spend is +48% (YoY), compared to September 2020
  • ROAS is +7% YoY year-to-date (YTD)
  • Ad sales +1,908% since start of engagement (July 2019)
  • Total sales +993% since start of engagement
  • Ad sales +61% YoY YTD 
  • Total sales +82% YoY YTD

A full suite of customizable Amazon account management services

“We partnered with Ideoclick Managed Services for their expertise and input, to better learn the Seller Central platform and create our business there,” says Cleanlogic Director of Ecommerce, Ed Velasco. “Amazon can eat up a lot of hours,” he continues. “Through the partnership with Ideoclick, we have the resources to establish ourselves on Amazon. It’s fair to say they are our partner in all things regarding that platform.” Grounding the relationship are weekly calls with Ideoclick account personnel to discuss the Seller Central account and set a strategy based on the detailed performance metrics Ideoclick provides. 

Setting the stage for Seller Central success

Launching their new rebrand, Cleanlogic had no reviews and no sales relevancy, meaning, for example, that searching for an exfoliating washcloth would reveal Cleanlogic products multiple pages in. Ideoclick recommended fully investing in marketing programs only after the brand was fully launched on Amazon. Ideoclick then guided the creation of product and brand pages, ensuring the most impactful text and imagery on each product page. The refresh of the content on the detail pages was particularly important to this effort. By creating an “Amazon First” assortment, optimizing product pages with clean and compelling rich content, and using AMS to create visibility, Ideoclick helped Cleanlogic maintain conversion rates while increasing average order volume by 65% (YoY).

Ideoclick also guided an assortment refresh strategy that consolidated a catalog of hundreds of SKUs into approximately 80 dedicated SKUs for ecommerce. The SKU rationalization exercise created operational efficiencies for client-side logistics as well as eliminated around $3,000 in chargebacks per month.

“We still have once-a-month marketing calls in addition to our weekly strategy meetings to identify what is and isn’t working well from a marketing perspective,” Velasco explains. “We discuss what seasonal events we want to highlight, what keywords we want to bid on, and plan from there. Those meetings are very helpful in terms of pinpointing what’s happening with our investment. Ideoclick also informs us of new Amazon features or programs, and we discuss how we might approach them going forward. It all works really well on the ad side.”

“Ideoclick helped Cleanlogic maintain conversion rates while increasing average order volume by 65% (YoY).”

Ed Velasco, Cleanlogic Director of Ecommerce

X-ray visibility into your Amazon account

Velasco makes extensive use of the Ideoclick portal, which provides in-depth information on all aspects of their Amazon business. “For meetings with senior management, I can pull the latest information on our AMS spend. I can show cost, returns, what campaigns are working best, and return on our ad spend.”

“When we had a major event,” he continues, “we had graphs that showed not only the impact of the initial promo event but how the event lifted sales thereafter. That information allowed me to go in and ask for more funding for similar events.”

Ideoclick also manages the IMS inventory through Seller Central. “The operations side and inventory management are huge benefits we get from Ideoclick,” he says. “You don’t want six months of inventory items that sell poorly. You’d start to get fined, which cuts into profitability. Ideoclick is really good at bringing in inventory where products sell and minimizing inventory for slower-moving items.” Velasco estimates that with Ideoclick, IMS is 35%-40% more effective in optimizing Amazon selling efforts.

Unequaled expertise to guide you

Ideoclick Managed Services provides IMS with on-call Amazon experience, expertise, and best practices born of working with Amazon sellers large and small across a vast array of product categories. “It’s great to work with them because you’re getting a group of professionals who really know the business,” Velasco concludes. “And they seem to truly care about our business. It’s not like hiring a consultant who’s going to give you X hours, and that’s it. With Ideoclick, if we go over on our calls, it’s not a problem. They proactively send us emails with recommendations or ideas. They always point us in the direction of what is possible.”


48% ROAS Boost

Through a powerful combination of cutting-edge Amazon SEO optimization and brand store optimization, Ideoclick increased Cleanlogic’s return on ad spend (ROAS) by 48% YoY, compared to September 2020.

Sustained ROAS Increase

By tracking how well Cleanlogic products are winning valuable placements for keywords relevant to their customers, Ideoclick continues to up ROAS +7% YoY YTD.

1,908% Rise in Ad Sales

Ideoclick’s expertise in identifying and executing the most effective Amazon advertising strategy for brands led to a 1,908% jump in ad sales for Cleanlogic since the partnership’s start in July 2019.

Continued Ad Sales Growth

Regular Amazon marketing strategy meetings that proactively positioned Cleanlogic at the forefront of seasonal events, new Amazon tools and services, and the customer journey mean a 61% increase in ad sales YoY YTD.

Total Sales Grow by 993%

Ideoclick customized its full suite of Amazon seller services to Cleanlogic’s unique performance goals resulting in a 993% jump in total sales since the start of the partnership.

Ongoing Total Sales Elevation

The momentum from a successful launch on Amazon Seller Central keeps Cleanlogic’s total sales growing by 82% YoY YTD, supported by a depth of Amazon knowledge and flexible support only found at Ideoclick.

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