Case Study:Torani Grows Its Online Business with Ideoclick

Founded in 1925, Torani is a global syrups and sauce manufacturer that delivers amazing flavors for beverages everywhere, from coffee shops and pubs to home kitchens around the world.
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Torani had been selling through Amazon on Vendor Central, a model in which Amazon essentially becomes your customer, buys your product, and markets and sells it as they see fit. In this model, Amazon has control of your product and how it’s sold on the platform. The company wanted to evolve to a two-pronged strategy that included Amazon Seller Central, wherein you sell directly via Amazon while maintaining control over products, pricing, packaging, etc.


  • Flexible Amazon vendor services
  • Customized Amazon seller optimization
  • Frictionless Amazon supply chain management
  • Seamless cross-marketplace integration


  • Ad sales +455% since start of engagement (April 2019)
  • Total sales +316% since start of engagement (April 2019)
  • New-to-brand shopper sales +349% year-over-year (YoY 2019/2020)

A creative partnership to meet Torani’s needs

“We probably looked at about 12 companies and interviewed seven of them fairly aggressively,” says Eric Gould, Torani Vice President of Retail Sales and Business Development. “Then three came to Torani for final interviews where we brought in supply chain, finance, management and more. By far and away, Ideoclick answered all of our questions. They were the most well developed and had the most comprehensive program out there for managing our business through both a Vendor Central focus and a Seller Central focus. We knew we had found our partner.”

In seeking the two-pronged Amazon strategy, Gould knew he wanted “greater analysis done on my business than what we had done in the past.” That analysis paid off. Ideoclick helped Torani weather the pandemic. “I don’t know if we would have been able to sustain the business that we grew in 2020. However, as a result of the expertise they had in the market, the expertise they had working with Amazon, their ability to flex when they needed to, move to Vendor Central when they needed to, Seller Central when they needed to—it all paid off. We were able to get a price increase implemented as a result of it. We have been able to get a lot accomplished since we brought them on board.”

He praises the expertise Ideoclick brings to the table, especially since they went “above and beyond” to work with Torani to devise a unique model of selling via Amazon. “They put a program together where they took possession of our product,” he explains. “They actually purchased the product from us as a customer and then put it on the Amazon distribution center and managed it just as though we were selling it on consignment. That was a relatively new model for them as well, and it worked out extremely well. That was one less internal pricing thing that we had to deal with at a time when we were moving our headquarters, manufacturing, and warehouses from one part of the San Francisco Bay Area to another. They came through for us at the right time.”

“Ideoclick met us where we were as an organization, and they are passionate about building our business, and we are really excited about what’s ahead.”

Eric Gould, Torani Vice President of Retail Sales and Business Development 

Learning the business

To ensure alignment between Ideoclick and Torani, weekly meetings occurred involving the Ideoclick account manager and representatives from their marketing, catalog, and operations teams. “While we were getting up and running,” Gould explains, “we’d use these meetings to align on any outstanding business or compliance issue. This way, we had a team that could work with Amazon and one that could work within our organization. From every angle, we could get all of the kinks ironed out and make sure that we were optimizing our Amazon business.”

Expanding for more of a good thing

Torani has now expanded their relationship with Ideoclick to include managing their business, and they have started working with them on Instacart. It’s clear that Gould believes Ideoclick can help them grow the business. “We need to optimize wherever we can to maximize our sales. We want to make sure that we are spending from a smart standpoint, across the whole business.” 

“Ideoclick can tell us, ‘Here is where we are getting maximum impact; here is where we are not getting the maximum impact. Let’s move investing from one side to this side over here. If we have a limited budget, let’s invest it here. If we can get additional funding, let’s put it over here because it pays out.’”

“I have to say,” Gould concludes, “Ideoclick met us where we were as an organization, and they are passionate about building our business, and we are really excited about what’s ahead.”


455% Ad Sales Increase

The Ideoclick marketing team built highly targeted, integrated ad campaigns for Torani that resulted in a 455% increase in ad sales since the partnership’s start (April 2019).

Total Sales Grow by 316%

Guiding Torani through a shift to an Amazon hybrid model, Ideoclick boosted total brand sales by more than 300% since the partnership’s start (April 2019).

New-to-Brand Shopper Sales Boosted by 349%

Ideoclick’s flexible, full-service strategy optimization tools and services led to a sharp 349% rise in sales to new Torani customers (year-over-year 2019/2020).

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