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Women’s accessory brand Lulu Dharma optimizes Amazon listings for “Oprah’s Favorite Things” — and captures 200% sales increase.
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In preparation for being featured on the “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list on Amazon and in The Oprah Magazine, Lulu Dharma had to quickly pivot for the quick-turnaround, high-volume, and high-profile program.


  • A+ content, including
    image best practices 
  • Product variation 
  • Brand page strategy,
    design, and creation 
  • Bundling strategies 
  • Branding guidance


  • 200% increase from
    same period previous year 
  • Data for guidance on future product development 
  • Sales momentum
    to expand to Amazon Canada

The Brand

Lulu Dharma is a manufacturer of women’s accessories such as handbags, jewelry, and scarves. Based in Los Angeles, it was founded to create timeless, affordable luxury accessories that are both classic and contemporary, built upon ethical manufacturing practices. The company’s commitment to integrity, sustainability, and cruelty-free manufacturing in the world of fashion has put them at the forefront of fashion industry consciousness.

Prior to working with Ideoclick, Lulu Dharma had been managing their own Amazon store. The company understood that using Amazon as an engagement channel was vital to company growth, but, according to Jim Bland, CEO, and Cecilia Molina, Ecommerce Manager, it became increasingly apparent they needed help from a firm that could drive growth and provide needed Amazon optimization.

The Driver

“Ideoclick’s comprehensive and proactive approach has enabled us to leverage the full potential of the Amazon channel.”

Cecilia Molina, Ecommerce Manager, Lulu Dharma

Rapid growth came faster than the company had anticipated. Lulu Dharma received word that one of their products had been selected for the Queen of Daytime TV’s “Oprah’s Favorite Things” (OFT) 2019 List. The featured product, The Lulu Dharma Napa Vegan Tote, has quickly become one of Lulu Dharma’s “hero ASINs.” The bag was designed and produced in six color variations specifically for the OFT promotion with an additional color added for the spring season.

Being included on the coveted list in “Oprah’s Favorite Things” was a big win for the brand, but it also surfaced significant concerns about ensuring that Lulu Dharma’s products were appropriately optimized on Amazon. It became clear that the company had to hire an experienced Amazon managed services provider to support the program.

Ideoclick Guidance

Working with Bland and Molina, Ideoclick was able to quickly bring Lulu Dharma’s presence on Amazon up to speed — not just for the flood of OFT buyers, but for a long-term customer engagement and conversion strategy. 

While Amazon is considered extremely buyer-friendly, it presents challenges to sellers who may not have the required “inside intel.” 

The Ideoclick team was quick to enhance the brand’s presence on Amazon by creating A+ content, providing Amazon listing optimization, and a sophisticated brand page to communicate the unique story of Lulu Dharma. 

Furthermore, the new media exposure made it challenging to predict inventory. The Ideoclick team provided critical operational and inventory support to align supply with demand. According to Bland, “Ideoclick really brought us up to speed. The team’s guidance on what to prioritize definitely prepared us for what was a very high-sales, high-stakes opportunity.” 

Shared Success

With the overwhelming response to the Oprah promotion, Amazon sales volume tripled versus the prior year. “Results were definitely in line with our best-case expectations; the sales event went really well,” said Bland. Not only was the event itself a success, but Lulu Dharma’s Napa Vegan Tote was selected to be included in Amazon’s upcoming Big Style Sale — another significant win for the brand. 

As the Amazon marketplace is a major destination for consumers shopping sustainably, a significant goal for the company has been met. “Ideoclick’s comprehensive and proactive approach has enabled us to leverage the full potential of the Amazon channel,” said Molina. 

The Amazon experts at Ideoclick are continuing to build momentum guiding Lulu Dharma with strategies to maintain its positive sales trajectory such as creating product bundles and utilizing session-level data to guide product development, as well as expanding to Amazon Canada.

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