Sharing Some Good News on Current Consumer Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sharing Some Good News on Current Consumer Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a search marketer on Amazon I have had a front row seat to the changes in consumer behavior through COVID-19. Watching the changes in search volume and ranking is always interesting but watching items like “N95 mask” and “toilet paper” become the top searches on Amazon has brought more of a foreboding than the usual curiosity.

Well, yesterday I got to see something positive begin to trend in Amazon search ranking. As of Saturday 4/4 “Sewing machines” have become the 27th most searched term on Amazon. Back in January it was 591 and as recently as March 19th it was 597. The initial rise in ranking seems to be tied to DIY instructional posts and videos like this tutorial from Erica Arndt –

The most recent surge in search rank can be matched with calls for supply donations to hospitals and first responders. America’s new favorite news source, SGN (Some Good News) highlighted how companies and people are answering the call

This virus has brought so much harm and negativity that I feel it is more important than ever to show these bright spots when they appear.

Post by David Quesenberry, a marketing director at Ideoclick and specifically an Amazon marketing expert working to help clients strategically plan their marketing efforts.

Four Ways Coronavirus Impacts your Amazon Business; How to React Quickly

Four Ways Coronavirus Impacts your Amazon Business; How to React Quickly

People around the world are responding to the threat of coronavirus/COVID-19 in a multitude of ways, and as a seller on Amazon, it’s likely Coronavirus is creating an impact to your Amazon business. In business, those that plan ahead and react quickly are more likely to be in a position to get vital items to customers during this time.

Remaining vigilant with your own health as well as the health of your employees and business is the best course of action. For brands selling on Amazon, it’s critical to stay constantly informed and strategize for the changing marketplace landscape.

Based on our work with clients in many different CPG categories, we have seen swift and significant changes, including major order increases from Amazon, huge supply chain shifts, and wildly fluctuating consumer search and conversion behaviors.

We’ve compiled four ways your Amazon business is likely impacted by the coronavirus/ COVID-19 pandemic, and strategies for how you can best plan for them (click here). The paper includes initial operational changes, speculation on continued buyer behavior, and covers the many Q&As we’ve already faced. The advice within has proven to be useful to our clients and we hope you can leverage them as well. 

With best wishes for continued good health!

Content Strategy and Best Practices Insights

Content Strategy and Best Practices Insights

This article from the Harvard Business Review details a years-long research project from the University of Washington studying the holistic specifics of how to create an effective, well-designed product web page that will yield best conversion results for customers shopping on Amazon.
We’re excited to see that the field experiment and research results support the current best practices that have already been put in place by the Ideoclick content team.
The whole article is worth a read but here are some of the main takeaways:

  • Carefully orchestrating the content on your product’s Amazon page is the key to boosting sales
  • The type of page design that will most resonate with your customers depends on two primary criteria: (1) the trustworthiness of your brand and (2) the degree to which customers can evaluate the product by reading about it rather than experiencing it.
  • The study found that found that a single design element (such as bullets, images, etc.) on an Amazon page, when used effectively, can increase purchase intentions up to 10% — a substantial amount in today’s competitive online retail environment!

  • The overall strategic recommendations offered by the results of this article affirm what we on the content team are already doing for our clients:
  • Using multiple research sources to create written content that is not just SEO-rich but also reflects the brand voice and prioritizes customer education
  • Rather than taking a straight up cookie-cutter approach to all content, our strategy is dynamic and reflects the varying needs and priorities of different product categories
  • Both visual and written content strive to elevate the brand voice to convert shoppers. Our Visual Strategists also often include lifestyle images that resonate with consumers and design elements that provide customer education, which is key to conversion.

  • We look forward to continuing to be ahead of the curve in delivering high-quality, responsive content to our clients!