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Make a big impression with Amazon’s Demand-side Platform (DSP). Reach beyond Amazon with targeted DSP advertising across Amazon-owned and leading publisher sites. Ready to get the most from the Amazon DSP program? Partner with Ideoclick.

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The Amazon DSP program is a smart play for brands ready to grow and win. Leverage Ideoclick’s industry-leading Amazon services to plan targeted Amazon DSP campaigns, optimize performance, and get noticed wherever prospects go online.

Compel with Amazon DSP campaigns.

Choose unique formats from display to audio and video ads to create eye-catching campaigns. Leverage shopping behaviors off Amazon with programmatic access to placements across Amazon properties like Audible, Goodreads, IMDb, Shopbop, Twitch, Woot, Zappos, and more.

DSP strategy reaches the right eyeballs.

Leverage customer data from Amazon to reach the right audiences wherever they go. Target customers who searched, viewed, or bought your product — or those who showed interest in a competitor’s product anywhere they browse.

Retarget with DSP advertising.

Ideoclick helps you get DSP advertising results with retargeting that moves shoppers further down the funnel. Targeted Amazon DSP ads unlock up to 10x the audience of Amazon alone. Assess each placement’s performance to optimize campaign ROI on the fly.

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“Ideoclick really brought us up to speed. The team’s guidance on what to prioritize definitely prepared us for what was a very high-sales, high-stakes opportunity.” 

— Jim Bland, CEO, Lulu Dharma 

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