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How will you win, Amazon and beyond? Our way is to identify every opportunity to optimize ecommerce performance. Let us rationalize your strategy, fine-tune your processes, up your visibility, and get those fees and chargebacks back.

Services Hero
Services Hero

Strategy & Insights

Ideoclick offers powerful insights and proactive strategies allowing you to stay ahead in Amazon’s dynamic environment. Our strategy services include: 

  • 360° business audits
  • Organizational readiness check
  • Go-to-market planning
  • Pricing & assortment analysis
  • Amazon training

Digital Advertising

Our programmatic advertising automates and fine-tunes ecommerce advertising and campaigning. Go from unknown to top vendor, buried to top result, and low return to high ROI. 

  • Sponsored ads
  • Share of Search™
  • Demand-side platform (DSP)
  • ACoS optimization
  • Cross platform (Walmart, Target, Instacart)

Managed Services

Whether you’re a wholesale, marketplace, or hybrid vendor, we’ll help you realize your potential with rationalized budgets, optimized spending, efficient operations, and more. 

  • Catalog management
  • Content optimization
  • Promotions & tracking
  • Fulfillment & operations
  • Enhanced content & brand stores

Compliance & Recovery

Are Amazon fees eroding your profits? Let us optimize your time, fix root causes, and recover dollars your brand is losing, today.

  • Chargeback and shortage disruption & recovery
  • Shipping support & solutions
  • Vendor and Seller ungating
  • Inventory planning & order management
  • Root cause analysis & solutions

Reseller Services

Do you wish to be a wholesaler, but avoid tax nexus or decentralized inventory challenges? We offer a fully managed wholesale program empowering merchants who prefer this model.

  • Assortment planning
  • Listing optimization
  • Brand/key item visibility
  • Wholesale order reliability
  • Promotions & tracking
  • Digital advertising
  • Marketing & promotional support

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