Ideoclick Operational Compliance Dashboard helps reduce Amazon non-compliance deductions to sustain profitability

SEATTLE, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ideoclick, the leading e-Commerce Optimization company, today introduces its data-driven Operational Compliance Dashboard to quickly uncover non-compliance issues for vendors selling on Amazon. The Operational Compliance Dashboard helps Amazon vendors increase profitability by identifying non-compliance issues and reducing the related deductions to an acceptable threshold, which is typically less than one percent of COGS (Cost of Goods Sold).

Ideoclick previously launched its operational compliance service enabling Amazon vendors to increase profitability on Amazon, in recognition of the continual margin pressure brands experience. The service identifies potential recoverable chargebacks and shortages, manages the recovery process and identifies areas for improved operational compliance.

The new Operational Compliance Dashboard provides clients with a graphical summary of the data most relevant to their operational compliance health on Amazon. The dashboard quickly reveals the top three chargeback types, the necessary information for seeking recovery and repairing root cause, and status summaries of submitted and resolved disputes. Additionally, the dashboard features data drilldown for specific inquiries.

“The Operational Compliance Dashboard provides visibility to a powerful cross-section of complex Amazon vendor guidelines and specific Vendor Central data,” explained Shawn Oleson, Ideoclick’s senior operational compliance manager. “It provides us with the ability to advocate for our clients and provide insight into improving operational efficiencies which ultimately can reduce their cost to sell on Amazon.”

Justin Leigh, Ideoclick’s CEO explained, “The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the e-Commerce landscape forever with significant lifts but even tighter operating margins. Our operational compliance service and the new dashboard delivers actionable insights that can create net margin increases and enable brands to realize the full potential of the Amazon shopper audience.”

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*The above view of Ideoclick’s Operational Compliance Dashboard displays the type of Amazon Vendor Central chargebacks and the top affiliated purchase orders, fulfillment centers, and ASINs.

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