Jul 16, 2019

Prime Day: Helping Brands Understand the Data that Creates Interactions and Drives Transactions on Amazon

On The Move, the Yahoo Finance digital streaming news segment that looks at top headlines and in-depth analysis of what is moving the markets, reported on Amazon Prime Day and sought insight from Ideoclick’s CEO Justin Leigh. In this segment, Leigh discusses Amazon Prime Day changes over the years from the brand participation standpoint, how Ideoclick helps brands navigate the Amazon platform, and customer behavior data that drives the Amazon recommendation engine. You can view the news segment here.
Jul 01, 2019

Retail Podcast - What Vendors Can Glean from Recent Amazon Changes

Today MarketScale's Retail Podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Amazon insider and Ideoclick's vice president of strategy and insights to discuss some of the Amazon's disruptive moves over the last few years, what’s next for them, and what Amazon’s direction means for brands selling on the retail platform. At Ideoclick, Leigh helps guide the Seattle-based company’s over 200 brand manufacturer clients on their strategies to improve and sustain their sales on Amazon. Her insight comes from more than a decade at Amazon, managing over 15 product categories, running Amazon Prime for Amazon Canada, and helping launch Amazon systems and programs. As Amazon continues to be a market disruptor around creating customer convenience, and as the platform becomes more and more competitive each quarter, MarketScale discusses with Leigh some of the ways vendors can win on Amazon, and strategies to stay ahead of the ever-changing nature of Amazon, including competing with Private Label, third-party...
by Andrea Leigh
Jun 06, 2019

How to Prepare Now for the Potential Amazon Supplier Purge

News and industry discussions are swirling around the rumor that Amazon is shaking things up with smaller suppliers and planning to cut all 1P manufacturers under $10M in annual sales. If you read the Bloomberg article or have heard of this elsewhere and you’re concerned, please don’t worry because we have you covered!  Here’s the gist of why you shouldn’t worry: First, there have been no confirmed timelines associated with this change – so it’s possible you’ll never be affected.  Second, there are tremendous advantages to a being third-party seller on Amazon, and we can readily help you get set-up. If you already have a hybrid 1P/3P arrangement, we can help you optimize your seller central account and product assortment as a precaution to best mitigate risk.   First, it’s helpful to understand what’s likely driving Amazon’s motivations behind the rumored transition:  Having lots of smaller suppliers introduces risk to Amazon  For Amazon, holding and managing inventory for smaller...
by Ideoclick Insight
May 28, 2019

What the Ideoclick Marketing Dashboard Reveals about Campaign Performance

Ideoclick is a proven leader in search marketing on Amazon, driving programmatic success for our 200+ clients. With deep, first-hand Amazon search expertise, we continue to innovate on our automation tools that power Sponsored Ads marketing, specifically to drive relevancy in organic and paid search rankings. Today we are adding to these tools with the introduction of the Ideoclick Marketing Dashboard, which gives real-time access to client campaign performance. The dashboard provides clients with an interactive view of marketing metrics resulting from the combination of our automation tools and our expert marketing strategists’ campaign management. This powerful, user-friendly dashboard extends our marketing automation platform, providing a more insightful alternative to other one-size-fits-all automated options that are currently prolific in the marketplace. While Ideoclick’s team of marketing strategists and account managers continue to apply their expertise to the optimization of...
by Ideoclick Insight
May 22, 2019

Announcing Cross-Channel Marketing Service

Today we announced the launch of our Cross-Channel Marketing Service to drive consumer traffic to clients’ Amazon presence from multiple digital channels.  This expanded marketing service leverages other digital media channels and conversion behavior to improve sales on Amazon. The Cross-Channel Marketing Services utilize Ideoclick’s strategic digital advertising expertise, targeting strategies and attribution analysis to optimize campaigns that drive conversions across multiple social media and search platforms. “For those manufacturers that consider Amazon an important sales channel, the Cross-Channel Marketing Service is an essential strategy to drive improved results,” said Benjamin Winters, Ideoclick’s VP of Marketing Services and Automation. “Additionally, cross-channel aggregated data provided by Amazon’s Attribution tool provides us with the necessary insight to identify trends and adapt Amazon ad campaigns for maximum ad ROI.” The Amazon Attribution tool provides brands with...
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