by Ideoclick Insight
Oct 11, 2019

Is Hybrid Selling Right for Your Brand?

Our latest video covers the important questions brand manufacturers need to ask, as well as benefits to consider before adopting a hybrid (1P/3P) selling model on Amazon. Andrea Leigh, Ideoclick's VP of Strategy, discusses the four elements to consider and the three main benefits brands can realize when adopting a hybrid approach to selling on Amazon. Tune in here.
by Ideoclick Insight
Oct 08, 2019

Understanding Provisions for Receivables

Many Vendor Central (1P) clients have recently noticed lower or missing payments from Amazon. If you’re seeing the same thing, you’re not losing your mind... you are likely noticing the result of Amazon’s “Provision for Receivables” deductions. Here, we’ll walk through what this means, how to understand it, and how to recover any erroneous deductions.   What are Provisions for Receivables? “Provisions for Receivables” (PVRs) are temporary credit memos (or a “temporary hold”) that Amazon may place on your account due to forecasted payables that are due to Amazon. Payables to Amazon could include the following: 1. Co-op or Contra-Cogs: Subscribe & Save, MDF, Damage Allowances, Freight Allowances, CRaP Allowances, Margin Guarantees. Basically, anything you’ve ever signed a co-op agreement for. 2. Chargeback and/or Shortages 3. Returns 4. Marketing: Amazon Advertising costs and balances The purpose of these provisions is to prevent these items from creating a debit balance on your vendor...
by Ideoclick Insight
Oct 01, 2019

Amazon Annual Negotiations - Common Missteps to Avoid

If you're a vendor with Amazon, it's that time of year again: annual negotiations. Here are a few big mistakes that are often made in negotiating with Amazon, along with how to avoid them!   1. Not knowing your cost to serve Amazon Amazon only includes selected terms in their email asks for a reason – hoping you’ll forget about the other terms they aren’t mentioning. Example: The email might mention the MDF and damage allowance, but not the freight allowance. As a result, the vendor doesn’t include the freight allowance when assessing their total cost to serve and signs up for more increases than they would have.   We recommend creating a comprehensive list of your current terms with Amazon…or you’ll wind up paying more than you should. Make sure you use a tracker, like the one you can download via this link, and fill out relevant data in advance. When you have this on-hand while talking with Amazon, you can instantly determine how different terms can affect your total cost to serve. ...
by Ideoclick Insight
Sep 17, 2019

Ideoclick Becomes an Amazon Advertising Partner

Ideoclick, Inc., a full service Amazon managed services provider, today announces its inclusion in the Amazon Advertising find-a-partner directory. Amazon Advertising has published a directory of Amazon selected advertising providers, including Ideoclick. Amazon, the Seattle-based company that strives to be the earth’s most customer -centric company, achieved BrandZ’s top ranking in the 100 Most Valuable Global Brands for 2019.   The Amazon Advertising find-a-partner directory is a list of agencies and tool providers who support Amazon Advertising services. Ideoclick supports Amazon Advertising services by providing full-service account management and strategic, experienced support of clients’ Amazon Advertising campaigns including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Stores, Display, Custom, Video, and Amazon DSP (demand side platform), which enables advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ads.   “Our client success directors and marketing managers have broad eCommerce...
by Andrea Leigh
Sep 10, 2019

Amazon's Private Label Plans are Bigger Than Anyone Thinks

Here’s how to take control I’ll be speaking at the Path to Purchase Expo in November, sharing my predictions on where Amazon is headed in 2020 and beyond – hope to see some of you there! Most manufacturers would say that when Amazon launches a private label look-alike, it’s their worst nightmare. While it’s true that Amazon’s private label poses threats to leading brands, it can also be an opportunity to learn and grow. In this article, I’ll present how some manufacturers are using Amazon private label to their advantage. I’ll also cover how Amazon’s private label aspirations are likely much larger than anyone thinks. How big is Amazon’s private label business?  Well, it depends on the category. In 2018, Amazon’s private label sales were $7.5B, or less than 1% of total Amazon sales, even counting large brands like Kindle, Alexa, and Amazon Basics. However, if you’re one of these brands, it certainly doesn’t feel small – and Amazon’s private label share of these categories is much...
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