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Download the insider’s guide to the key differences in Amazon, Instacart,, and that you can optimize for sustainable success.

Pages from a brochure titled The Insider's Guide to Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Instacart Ecommerce Platform for Brands.

Optimize Amazon rankings. Own the search.

Skip outdated category share, keyword research, and Amazon analytics tools. Get cutting-edge competitor analysis and listing optimization insights with Share of Search® — a feature of Ideoclick Pulse Reveal.™ Know how you stack up against competitors in search.

The customer journey has evolved beyond the aisle.

Your status as a category leader counts less when traditional categories go away. Today’s shoppers search for what they want — but are they finding you? When you own the search, they will.

Know the competitive stakes.

Share of category is as outdated as the shelf. On Amazon, searches return tens of thousands of interesting, distracting, compelling results. How will you compete?

Track consumer mindsets.

The answer is Share of Search® by Ideoclick™. Find out how consumers think, what keywords they’re searching on Amazon, and new opportunities to drive top rankings.

Optimize your ecommerce strategy.

Share of Search® reveals insights you get with no other Amazon SEO or keyword tool. Detect trends, define high-intent-to-buy personas, optimize your marketing, and more.

Read minds and sprint ahead with Share of Search® by Ideoclick.

Why transform Amazon from stressful troublespot to thriving growth channel? Because once you’re winning on Amazon, everything’s possible. We know the way.


Integrate ecommerce strategy, marketing, operations, and more.


Own search, detect trends, and measure industry-leading results.


Build cross-platform sales with solutions tailored to your brand’s needs.

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General Manager, Takeya USA

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