Ideoclick Selects Jonathan Ferrell as VP, Business Development

Ideoclick Selects Jonathan Ferrell as VP, Business Development

SEATTLE, July 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ideoclick, Inc., the provider of the industry’s leading e-commerce optimization platform, today announces the promotion of Jonathan Ferrell to VP, Business Development. Ferrell will lead Ideoclick’s business development team in the expansion of Ideoclick’s service offerings to existing brand manufacturer clients, new clients, and through new partner organizations.

“Jon is a passionate and skilled Amazon expert with a strong background in building extremely successful sales organizations,” said Ideoclick CEO Justin Leigh. “He’s been a driving force at Ideoclick and I’m excited and honored that he’s taking this leadership role. Jon is committed to supporting our partners and clients through the business development process and has already built out a top-tier team to help deploy new business growth initiatives.”

Before becoming the Ideoclick VP of Business Development, Ferrell served as Director of Business Development and was responsible for the creation of sophisticated business growth models and tremendous business growth. Prior to Ideoclick, Ferrell led organizations in digital transformations at Verizon, Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Each of his roles focused on providing clients the best possible buying experience while equipping sales organizations with flexibility and scalability. With over 20 years of retail, B2B, and e-Commerce experience, Ferrell is recognized as an industry leader who leverages his breadth of experience to guide client organizations to success through leading solutions in today’s business world.

“As a comprehensive Amazon managed services provider, Ideoclick delivers the platform and industry-leading expertise to create sustainable brand success,” stated Ferrell. “Especially in this era of unprecedented e-Commerce adoption, I am proud to be at the helm of a team and charter that seeks to pair Amazon success strategies with bold brands and partners.”

About Ideoclick
Founded in 2009 by former Amazon executives and harnessing over 200 years of Amazon experience, Ideoclick provides the industry’s leading e-Commerce Optimization Platform, delivering a unique combination of cloud-based software, subject matter expertise and insight to businesses that sell on Amazon. Today, Ideoclick helps hundreds of brands achieve transformative results, representing more than $4 billion in annual e-Commerce product sales. For more information, please visit:

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Access our Amazon Negotiations Tracker Tool

Access our Amazon Negotiations Tracker Tool

Amazon vendors have been asking for help strategizing and managing their negotiations with Amazon. If you haven’t already closed Annual Vendor Negotiations (AVN), here’s a summary of everything we’ve previously published on the topic.


5 Major Pitfalls to Avoid When Negotiating with Amazon

How to Not Get Eaten Alive During Your Annual Amazon Negotiations


The Jason & Scot Show episode on Negotiating With Amazon

Videos and Infocasts

Video commentary on margin guarantees

Negotiations Tracker

We have developed a handy negotiations tracker that can help you organize your current terms, Amazon’s ask, and plan your response. You can also calculate your total cost to serve as a percentage and dollar value to help you stay on your toes while negotiating.

Download Vendor Negotiations Tracker

More Brands Are Leaving Amazon, But the Strategy Could Backfire

More Brands Are Leaving Amazon, But the Strategy Could Backfire

CNBC today covered the news of Ikea’s recent decision to discontinue selling directly on Amazon and the potential challenges brands could face when cutting their Amazon ties.

Ideoclick CEO, Justin Leigh provides perspective within the article, representing the company’s years of experience at Amazon and advocating for brands selling on Amazon.

The full article can be viewed here.

Content Strategy and Best Practices Insights

Content Strategy and Best Practices Insights

This article from the Harvard Business Review details a years-long research project from the University of Washington studying the holistic specifics of how to create an effective, well-designed product web page that will yield best conversion results for customers shopping on Amazon.
We’re excited to see that the field experiment and research results support the current best practices that have already been put in place by the Ideoclick content team.
The whole article is worth a read but here are some of the main takeaways:

  • Carefully orchestrating the content on your product’s Amazon page is the key to boosting sales
  • The type of page design that will most resonate with your customers depends on two primary criteria: (1) the trustworthiness of your brand and (2) the degree to which customers can evaluate the product by reading about it rather than experiencing it.
  • The study found that found that a single design element (such as bullets, images, etc.) on an Amazon page, when used effectively, can increase purchase intentions up to 10% — a substantial amount in today’s competitive online retail environment!

  • The overall strategic recommendations offered by the results of this article affirm what we on the content team are already doing for our clients:
  • Using multiple research sources to create written content that is not just SEO-rich but also reflects the brand voice and prioritizes customer education
  • Rather than taking a straight up cookie-cutter approach to all content, our strategy is dynamic and reflects the varying needs and priorities of different product categories
  • Both visual and written content strive to elevate the brand voice to convert shoppers. Our Visual Strategists also often include lifestyle images that resonate with consumers and design elements that provide customer education, which is key to conversion.

  • We look forward to continuing to be ahead of the curve in delivering high-quality, responsive content to our clients!
    Can Amazon Turn Off Your Hybrid Selling Account?

    Can Amazon Turn Off Your Hybrid Selling Account?

    What Q4 Earnings Mean for Manufacturers – What Amazon Will do with Pillpack

    Written by Andrea Leigh, VP of Strategy and Insights


    Amazon announced their Q2 earnings, and the big story is that they posted their largest quarterly profit ($2.5B)…ever. Wall street is happy, as they’ve now been profitable for 13 straight quarters – thanks in large part to their ad business (growing at 100% Y/Y), AWS, and the “squeeze” they’ve been putting on all of you, manufacturers. (Keep that in mind when they ask for terms improvements this fall!) External hiring has slowed, as they have consolidated their Retail and Third-Party teams and are filling open roles with internal transfers. They also indicated a slowdown in fulfillment center expansion, signaling growth fueled by third-party sales. Expect greater integration and consolidation across the retail and third-party platforms, teams, and strategy and increased reliance on third-party for inventory (see “Word on the Street” below).

    Amazon acquired the online pharmacy, Pillpackfor just under $1B. In addition to prescription pharma being a robust, $450B/year business opportunity, this move will also enable Amazon to steal repeat foot traffic from the Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVSs of the world…driving down the value of these retailers and making them prime potential future acquisitions. Each drugstore chain represents a large number of small-format, potential pick-up points for grocery products and/or AmazonGo stores. This will also give them a ready market for new private label products typically sold at pharmacies, which they’ve already begun developing. And you can bet there will be some special prescription service for Prime customers.


    Can Amazon turn off your hybrid selling account?The short answer is, yes. The Product Availability Policy for Manufacturers (commonly known as the Manufacturer on Amazon policy or MOA), has recently changed (changed portion is underlined): “If you are a manufacturer and your products are sold by any other retailers or distributors, we expect you to offer Amazon Retail the option to source those products at competitive terms for sale as Retail items only.” Amazon is applying this policy inconsistently across categories – right now, hard goods categories seem to be getting hit the worst. If your behaviors flag Amazon’s attention – such as holding back portions of your assortment for FBA-only (vs. retail), using FBA to drive Amazon’s retail prices down, or trying to move your business from retail to FBA – you’re at risk for a review.

    What we learned from Prime Day (well, when Amazon’s site was up, that is)… It isn’t enough to run a deep (think 30%+ off) discount anymore – you have to drive external traffic to it, too. The deals that performed best across our client base all included some traffic-driving activity on the client’s side, such as promotion through social channels, AAP, AMG, and/or other advertising. Many clients had deals shut off due to profit or inventory concerns, or because Amazon did some price matching leading up to the event (rendering the deal invalid). Takeaways for next year: Given the new-for-2018 item-level participation fees, go big on a few items, and have an external marketing plan. Missed the cutoff or don’t want to fork up the fees? Use a Vendor Powered Coupon to improve conversion. 


    Holiday, that’s what!  It’s time to start thinking about your deal calendar, internal resourcing to support more vigilance in everything from auditing detail pages to monitoring chargebacks (expect an increase) and making sure your warehouses ship products quickly and correctly to Amazon. The window is also closing to open and generate enough credibility with your seller account in time for holiday, so set up those FBA accounts now! (Amazon doesn’t usually allow brand new sellers to sell product during Q4).

    Annual Negotiations…Starting in September, Amazon will begin sending out their annual terms requests. Here’s how to not get eaten alive. Need to talk it out? Clients, please schedule a “negotiations consult” with your Account Manager.

    New Items? – Now is the time to set them up to get the flywheel going before Q4. Contact your account manager and we can get the new assortment rolling.

    Andrea Leigh | Ideoclick VP
    Andrea Leigh is the VP of Strategy at Ideoclick. Prior to joining Ideoclick, she co-founded Andrea K. Leigh Consulting, where she advised brands on their strategy. 
    She is a former 10-year senior executive at Amazon, where she led over 15 product categories, worked on the launch of Amazon’s automated pricing system and CRaP programs, and ran Amazon Prime for Amazon Canada. 
    Andrea is frequently quoted on the topic of Amazon and eCommerce in the media. She is also a speaker at national eCommerce, retail and digital marketing conferences, a contributing writer and podcast interviewee for educational forums and media.